“Chia” has, basically, four particularities that, now that it has been rediscovered and studied with new technology, will make it very popular as a food:

  • It is, as written above, a very rich food. About this, one can search the internet and find several articles with extensive explanations about the benefits of eating Chia. So, in order not to be repetitive, in short, we can say its components are detoxifying, fight inflammatory processes, give the sensation of fullness, reduce the levels of cholesterol and help, among other things, glycemic control, to build bones, to build immunity and to prevent aging.

  • Added to water (or other liquids) it can absorb almost a dozen times its weight. This quality (like a thickening agent) is responsible for the sensation of fullness and very helpful when talking about diets.

  • When you add Chia to other food it doesn’t change the taste of that. So, when you add one or two tablespoons to your favorite drink, the taste is the same.

  • With normal and not so expensive care it lasts for several months.

There are other qualities but these four are enough for the food industries understand Chia as a big ally. Not every day they find a food that is rich, natural thickener agent, doesn’t change the flavor of what it is added to and is valid for a long period.